Ali Shaw

Ali Shaw is the Production Director for KJMM-FM, KGTO-FM, and host of “The Weekend Rewind with Ali Shaw” Saturday mornings on 105.3 KJamz in Tulsa.

Affectionately dubbed “Mama Tulsa” in the local music scene, her passion for the art radiates throughout the community. In September 2018, she brought together several female rappers from Tulsa and OKC for the ‘Female Spittaz’ cypher on YouTube. Her intention is to shine a light on local women emcees and curate more women-centric events in the Oklahoma Hip Hop scene.




Ali believes that through hard work and determination, we all have the capability to achieve our goals. She strives to be excellent in life and wishes to set a good example for her family, friends and listeners. Ali’s extensive on-air radio experience and strong relationships with artists and community leaders make her an asset on the Fire in Little Africa podcast host team.





Ali is available to host many types of events including banquets, ceremonies, conferences, parties and more. She is also available to help plan and organize event experience and ensure that everything runs smoothly. 


From television commercials to voice acting, Ali brings a compelling, dynamic voice to every project. With a wide variety of styles and personas, Ali is able to find a voice to match any project.  


With over 15 years of experience, Ali is a master of record, synchronizing and mixing a variety of audio mediums. From mixing sound effects or radio jingles to vocal arrangements, she can produce the best audio sound experience for your business or personal needs. 


Need a writer for your radio ad or voice over script? Look no further. Ali has a full range of experiencing copywriting for multiple media projects digitally and in traditional media. 

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